Local Shop and Foodservice Quality Food and Drink Awards Shortlist

We are delight to announce the 2019 Local Shop and Food Service Quality Food and Drink Awards shortlist.

Winners will be announced during the Quality Food and Drink Awards Ceremony on Friday 22 November , in our new venue, The Brewery on Chiswell Street, London. Book your place at the awards here .  

If you made the 2019 shortlist, huge congratulations! 

Local Shop Shortlist 2019 

Local Shop - Bakery 
- SPAR Chocolate Cornflake Clusters 
- SPAR Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Local Shop - Biscuits & Snacks 
- Booker - Euro Shopper Digestive Biscuits 
- Booker - Euro Shopper Jaffa Cakes 
- SPAR Smoky BBQ Mix

Local Shop - Cheese 
- Booker Euro Shopper Mild White Cheese 
- SPAR Greek Feta 
- SPAR Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Local Shop - Chocolate & Confectionery 
- Booker - Happy Shopper Milk Chocolate Peanuts 
- Booker Euro Shopper Hazelnut Milk Chocolate 
- SPAR Adult Fun Mix 
- SPAR Sour Snakes

Local Shop - Cold Beverages 
- Booker - Euro Shopper Strawberry Protein Shake 
- SPAR Mango & Passionfruit Smoothie 
- SPAR Sparkling Peach Water 
- SPAR Tropical Juice

Local Shop - Meal Solutions 
- Booker - Discover the Choice Quiche Lorraine 
- SPAR Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto Stonebaked Pizza 
- SPAR - Butternut & Feta Supergrain Salad 
- SPAR Chicken Tikka Sandwich

Local Shop - Delicatessen Goods (inc dips) 
- SPAR Guacamole 
- SPAR Mixed Olives with Garlic & Chilli

Local Shop - Desserts & Puddings 
- Booker Classic Almond Ice Cream
- SPAR Tiramisu

Local Shop - Meat 
- SPAR 2 Duck Legs in Orange Sauce 
- SPAR Gammon Shank with Pineapple
- SPAR Lamb Shank in Minted Gravy

Local Shop - Pasta, Rice & Grains 
 Judges Choice

Local Shop - Ready Meals 
- Booker - Discover the Taste Cottage Pie 
- Booker - Discover the taste Macaroni Cheese & Ham Hock 
- SPAR Beef Roast Dinner 
- SPAR Chipotle Chilli Con Carne with Rice

Local Shop - Soups 
- SPAR Carrot and Coriander Soup 
- SPAR Tomato and Basil Soup

Local Shop - Store Cupboard 
 Judges Choice

Local shop - Vegan/Vegetarian 
- Booker - Discover the Choice Five Bean Chilli with Brown Rice, Lentils & Quinoa 
- Booker - Discover the Choice Spicy Chickpea & Cauliflower Curry 
- SPAR Veggie Protein Mix

Foodservice Shortlist 2019 

Foodservice - Bakery 
- Brakes La Boulangerie Fully Baked Jumbo Croissant 
- Brakes La Boulangerie St Clements Tulip Muffin 
- Brakes La Boulangereie Lemon & Elderflower Cupcake 
- Brakes La Boulangerie Red Berry & Matcha Battenberg 
- Brakes La Boulangerie Mixed Flavoured Caneles 
- Tarte and Berry Ultimate Chocolate Brownie

Foodservice - Cheese 
- Brakes 36 Month Aged Parmigiano Reggiano
- Country Range Luxury Full Fat Soft Cheese

Foodservice - Children's 
 Judges Choice

Foodservice - Cold Beverages 
- Leon Peach, Orange & Rosemary Juicy Water
- PRAANA King Coconut Water 

Foodservice - Dairy
 Judges Choice

Foodservice - Delicatessen Goods 
- Brakes Green Macedonian Peppers 
- Brakes Oliver James Chicken Liver Parfait 
- Country Range Marinated Chicken Tikka

Foodservice - Fish 
- Alfred Enderby Traditional Smoked Salmon 
- Brakes M&J Bistro Cod Fillet Skinless Boneless 
- Brakes M&J Diced MSC Natural Smoked Haddock

Foodservice - Food to Go 
- Asda Cafe Cheeseboard Toastie 
- Sushi Daily Cured Salmon Menu, Kelly Deli

Foodservice - Free From 
- Bidfood Premium Selection Chocolate & Clementine Torte 
- Brakes Sweet Potato, Cashew & Apricot Chutney Tart
- Brakes Vegan Lotus Biscoff Dessert Bar

Foodservice - Fresh Produce 
- Brakes Whole Prepared Butternut Squash 
- Brakes Kaleslaw

Foodservice - Meal Accompaniments 
- Aviko Foodservice British Grown Potato Skins 
- Booker Chef's Larder Premium Extra Chunky Gourmet Chips 
- Booker Chef's Larder Premium Super Crisp Skin On Gourmet Fries 
- Booker Chef's Larder Buttery Mash Potato

Foodservice - Meat 
- Brakes Birchstead Aberdeen Angus 28 Day Aged British Red Tractor Ribeye Steak 
- Booker Blackgate Signature Half Striploin

Foodservice - Party Food 
 Judges Choice

Foodservice - Pasta, Rice & Grains 
- Brakes Gluten Free Penne Pasta 
- Tilda Brown & White Rice

Foodservice - Preserves 
 Judges Choice

Foodservice - Snacks 
- Bidfood Premium Selection Roasted & Salted Luxury Mixed Nuts
- Rhythm108 Hazelnut Cookie Dough All Day Snack Bar

Foodservice - Store Cupboard 
- Booker Chef's Larder Sliced Green Jalapeno Peppers 
- Booker Chef's Larder Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Foodservice - Vegan/Vegetarian 
- Asda Café Veggie Wellington 
- Brakes La Boulangerie Vegan Brioche Style Burger Bun 
- Mixed Thal Butternut Squash & Vegan Cheese Samosa

Foodservice - Christmas 
- Brakes Cranberry & Mulled Spice Sauce 
- Brakes Vegan Carrot & Cashew Wellington with Spiced Marmalade 
- Brakes Crispy Chocolate Hazelnut Slices