Christmas Categories

Christmas entries will be judged in August and the winners will be announced online in September 

The Christmas trading period highlights innovation and creativity in food development: it is also a vital trading period for all retailers and their suppliers. We know how much winning a Christmas Q means, and understand that if you win one you want to tell the world just as soon as you can. To facilitate this, we will be announcing the Christmas Winners online in September. Christmas Retailer of the Year will also be announced in September with the trophy being presented at our Quality Food Awards Dinner on Friday November 13 at The Brewery.

Our hope that by making this change there will be more time for you to market winning products and to get the all-important Q logos printed on pack and in store.

Christmas - Biscuits & Snacks

All biscuits, crisps and crackers, sweet or savoury e.g. crackers for cheese, breadsticks, festive flavoured cookies, festive flavoured crisps

*please note category may split on entry depending on judging

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Chocolate and Confectionery

Chocolate & Confectionery to be sold specifically as Christmas e.g. chocolate bars, boxes, sharing bags, and sweets.

For novelty items see 'Christmas Novelty'

*please note category may split on entry depending on judging

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Novelty

Novelty food items designed for Christmas e.g. fun chocolates, biscuits or cakes

£ 464.00

Christmas - Desserts and Puddings

Any sweet pudding or dessert, including ice cream, whether they be ambient, chilled or frozen

Christmas - Gifted Items/Gift Selections

All food gift items including ‘build your own’ gingerbread houses; hot chocolate sets; cheese & chutney sets (can include alcoholic items)

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Cheese

Includes all cheese products, whether individual Christmas style cheeses, Christmas cheese selections, or cheese with tear-and-share bread.

*Christmas Cheeseboards should be entered into the Christmas - Cheeseboards category.  

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Cheeseboards

Any Christmas cheeseboard 

£ 464.00

Christmas - Soft Drinks

Any soft drink designed for and limited to sale during the festive period.

£ 464.00

Christmas - Canapes and Party Food

Savoury bite sized party nibbles that are ready to serve, cooked from chilled or frozen. For sweet items, see Mini Desserts

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Deli

Products that are sold on the delicatessen shelves or counter for Christmas e.g. pate, charcuterie, olives

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Chutneys, Gravy and Sauces

Any product created specifically for Christmas, either ambient or chilled e.g. bread sauce, cranberry sauce, gravy and gravy granules, jams, chutneys, sweet sauces, goose fat

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Meat and Fish

Includes all Christmas meat and fish items e.g. turkey, beef, salmon, pigs in blankets

Christmas - Seasonal Sides

Products to add to a traditional Christmas dinner such as roast potatoes, stuffing, brussels sprout dishes, red cabbage etc

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Dairy

Any seasonal dairy product used at Christmas e.g. brandy butter, spiced double cream. Excludes Cheese

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas - Free From

Any Christmas product marketed at the allergen free market incorporating one or more of the 14 major allergens* and is specifically created to be free from those

*celery; crustaceans; eggs; gluten; fish; lupin; milk; mustard; molluscs; nuts; peanuts; sesame; soya; sulphites

£ 464.00 +VAT (20%)

Christmas -Vegan and Vegetarian

For vegan and vegetarian canapes and party food please enter the Christmas - Canapes and Party Food category above.