Shortlist Showcase 

All shortlisted entries will be listed on the website as part of our Shortlist Showcase, a new feature launched in 2020. The showcase will include images, descriptions and pricing for all products on the shortlist, highlighting the quality across the industry. This is a great way to promote your product ahead of the results presentation. 

Here is an example from our Fish categories from the Shortlist Showcase last year:


Each listing will have a drop down arrow that will open up a short description of the shortlisted product, providing further information on each product, as you can see below.


If a user then clicks on the product image, the browser will then redirect the user to a full product page where further information can be found on that specific product. This information includes extras such as the price of the product, its website and social media links.

Please find an example from our 2020 showcase on what this looks like below.