The Quality Food Awards are excited to announce the launch of the Baby Quality Food Awards, which will celebrate the very best products available for babies from six months up to two years old, in partnership with Campden BRI.

The ‘Baby Qs’ recognise the growing trend for healthy and nutritious food and drink for babies in that age group, rewarding and shining a light on some of the most outstanding products in the market.

Although the Quality Food Awards have always welcomed entries of food products for children over the age of two years old, organisers were keen to launch an award that would extend recognition to the brilliant food and drink items for babies younger than two.

The partnership with the highly respectable organisation Campden BRI means that the awards’ judging values, rigour and transparency will be upheld through every aspect of this new addition to the existing line up.

Quality Food Awards director, Helen Lyons, commented: “I am absolutely delighted to announce today that we’ve joined forces with Campden BRI who provide the food and industry with the practical, scientific, technical and advisory services needed to ensure product safety and quality, process efficiency and product and process innovation.

“Linking with such a respected organisation clearly gives us the confidence to launch the ‘Baby Qs’, knowing that our judging values will be upheld in such a partnership. We can’t wait to receive your entries.”

Campden BRI will use what they refer to as Home Usage Testing, which is particularly appropriate for baby food.

This method tests products by real consumers, in this case mums and their babies, under careful guidance from the expert team at Campden BRI.

In line with the Quality Food Awards’ existing methods, every entrant will receive full feedback to every product that is submitted; in the case of ‘Baby Qs’, it will come from a controlled online survey. 

Elena Dimama, editor of Quality Food Awards, added: “The knowledge and expertise that Campden BRI are bringing to these awards are invaluable and means that entrants will receive meaningful feedback on their products from a highly respectable scientific organisation.”

For more information about the Baby Quality Food Awards categories or the judging process, you can contact